Alignment – Experience the core of who you truly are

Alignment – Soul – Create the conditions for even greater success and fulfilment.

  • Available as a CD box set or MP3 download.
  • A 72 page booklet is included, which contains information on some of the foundations of science and philosophy that underpin the series and provides contextual knowledge and wisdom to help you perceive more of who you really are and take you to your core
  • The music has been specifically composed and combined with the latest technology in sound ‘binaural beats’ and ‘affirmations’

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Audio Samples

Sample 1 – Introduction Introduction

Sample 2 – Visualisation Visualisation

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Alignment - Soul - CD and Booklet
Alignment - Soul - CD and Booklet
This box set contains the full quality CD audio and 72 page booklet, conceived and directed by Laurence Udell, written by Amanda Udell and narrated by Laurence and Amanda Udell.
Alignment - Soul - MP3 Download with a PDF booklet
Alignment - Soul - MP3 Download with a PDF booklet
Get started in minutes with this downloadable version of Alignment - Soul. The audio is mp3 320kbps format with PDF booklet. Sample 1 - Introduction
Sample 2 - Visualisation

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Product Description

New for 2014…

LUdell_CD_3DcoverALIGNMENT – SOUL is the first in a series of five CDs that will help you to create the conditions for even greater success and fulfilment. The guided visualisation, together with the science, wisdom and philosophy contained in the accompanying booklet, will give you the means to fully connect with your soul and enable you to be who you really are.

The soul gives us the key to being who we really are. It is our immortal essence, the place of self-awareness and discernment, our place of truth and authenticity. Whilst everything else may be in a state of flux, whirling around, the soul anchors us to an inner reality, a presence that is beyond boundaries and the dimensions of time and place. This brand new multi-dimensional series enables you to achieve ALIGNMENT to be who you truly are in this world.  When your spirit, mind, heart, soul and body are aligned inner calmness spreads from you to those close to you, better decisions are made and performance soars.

The essence of Udell Group is to help you rediscover your ‘authentic self’, being who you truly are, aligned with your meaning and purpose – the ‘you with you’ at its very core.  Alignment embodies all aspects of you – your Spirit – how you connect, your Mind – how you think, your Heart – how you feel, your Body – what you do and your Soul – who you are.

The dictionary describes soul as ‘a person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity’, and, similarly as an ’emotional or intellectual energy or intensity’.  We describe soul as ‘the space in between.  It’s our essence and the core of who we are.  It has no beginning and no end and the only boundaries are the ones our mind creates. From this vantage point we can be all that we are.

ALIGNMENT – the SOUL – helps you to explore ‘the space in between’, the space between where you want to be and where you are, the space between what you want for yourself and what others want you to be, the space between being tired of all of the noise, distractions, expectations, anxieties and concerns and instead to be free, calm, at peace, fired by passion and in your full power with true meaning and purpose.9781910077184_2D_Box cover

Against the backdrop of alignment, years of study and research and expert practical wisdom, the SOUL CD focuses primarily on a 47 minute visualisation, which is embedded with binaural beats and affirmations. Combined, the music, beats and words create a 3D harmonic and sonic experience. To ensure that you receive the full benefits of this experience we strongly recommend listening to the CD using headphones. 47 is the quintessential random number of the universe, it is also quite literally the time that it takes for you to dive into the sacred space that we have created for you, giving you permission to experience and discover all of yourself, the core of who you really are.


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