Coming soon for 2014…ALIGNMENT – SOUL

by Udell Group on November 25, 2013

LUdell_CD_3DcoverThe first in a series of 5 CDs (MP3s) that will help you to create the conditions for even greater success and fulfilment.  A guided visualisation together with an accompanying booklet, will give you the means to fully connect with your soul and experience a journey of self-discovery that will take you to the core of who you really are.

The ALIGNMENT series embodies the five elements that make up the ‘Individual’ components of the Udell Matrix©: SPIRIT – how we connect, 
MIND – how we think, 
HEART – how we feel, 
SOUL – who we are and BODY – what we do.

ALIGNMENT is based upon our expertise and wisdom gleamed from years of working with high performing individuals and business leaders, spiritual leaders, behaviourists, educators and sages from all over the world.

It draws on ontology, a branch of metaphysics and the philosophical study of the nature of being, existence and reality, as well as studies of the brain and neuroscience – How does the brain give rise to the mind? Where do the brain and the mind meet and by what means do they interact?

This first CD in the ALIGNMENT series – The SOUL will enable you to explore to your core, your essence, your beauty, your bliss, your quiet power, your innate fire and in totality, the unlimited Big You.

The CD is special, and we believe unique.  The music has been specifically composed and combined with the latest technology in sound, ‘binaural beats’ and affirmations.  The music has an underpinning frequency, which resonates with the solar plexus chakra. The whole effect connects the left and right side of the brain and combined, the music, beats and words create a 3D harmonic and sonic experience.  To gain the maximum benefit from the words and the music we recommend using headphones.

Discover all of yourself in a powerful and deeply rewarding way and experience the core of who you really are.

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