Alignment – Mind – Unleashing the formidable power of your own mind.

  • Available as a MP3 download – to guide you through 9 specific experiences
  • A 43 page booklet, which includes the Science of Mind – a document which includes scientific research and thinking in relation to our brains, and a series of templates to support the exercises and experiences contained in the MP3
  • The music has been specifically composed and combined with the latest technology in sound ‘binaural beats’ and ‘affirmations’ 

Alignment – Mind – MP3 Download with a PDF Booklet 

Get started in minutes with this quality MP3 and booklet conceived and narrated by Laurence Udell.

Please download to a PC or MAC and then transfer to a mobile device if preferred

Alignment - Mind - MP3 Download with a PDF booklet
Alignment - Mind - MP3 Download with a PDF booklet
Get started in minutes with this downloadable version of Alignment - Mind. The audio is mp3 320kbps format with PDF booklet.



Product Description

New for 2015…

ALIGNMENT – MIND is the second in a series of five CDs that will help you to create the conditions for alignment-mind-covergraphiceven greater success and fulfilment by unleashing the formidable power of you own mind. This MP3 provides 9 sensory experiences. This, together with the accompanying booklet, ‘The Science of Mind’ – a document which includes scientific research & thinking in relation to our brains, will give you the means to align your mind and help you achieve your goals. 

The Mind is the most complex of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, thinking, reasoning, perception, judgement and imagination.

Thought is the mental act that allows us to make sense of things in the world. Our thoughts can liberate us or imprison us. Our thoughts can lead to peace and prosperity or illness and disease. Where we focus our mind is what we experience.

Our mind can enable us to be the best we can be as we conceive, envision and create a life that is truly authentic to who we are. Or it can disable us from being the best we can be as we listen to the voices of self-recrimination and attack.

It can weaken us, when we allow our emotions to dominate our lives, or when we fail to take our emotions into account and become too rational, when we allow habits to inhibit us, depression to overshadow and overwhelm us, or when the ego seeks to satisfy its needs above those of others. Our mind, and in particular our neo-cortex, is our imaginative toolkit for the journey. In the right hands the mind, with its connections to the other four points (spirit, heart, soul and body), is the most valuable piece of equipment. Our mind enables us to know who we really are.

ALIGNMENT – MIND – helps you to consciously take charge of your own mind, acknowledge who you really are and invites you to open yourself up to the boundless possibilities that will enable you to focus on living the life you really want and achieve your goals.

Against the backdrop of alignment and with years of experience in helping high performing individuals to shift mind-sets, beliefs and behaviours this MP3 will guide you through 9 sensory experiences to achieve change. Each person will benefit from the experiences in different ways. Combined, the music, beats and words create a 3D harmonic and sensory experience. Listening using headphones maximises this experience.

The 9 guided Alignment Experiences are listed in the table below together with their related benefits.

The 43 page booklet contains the ‘Science of Mind’ to help understand the brain. The booklet also contains the 9 experiences together with required templates.

The Alignment Series of products is designed to be accessible for all and easy to use. It has been developed with an element of information and insights to ignite and stir curiosity along with ‘How To’.

You hold the key. We simply show you how to turn it.

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